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AA Meetings Wednesday


Codes for Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings


C - Closed, For Alcoholics Only – Only those whom identify as Alcoholics
O - Open (Public Welcome) – Welcome for all to attend
BEG – Beginners – Designed for newcomers to ask questions about AA
D – Discussion – The discussion portion following a reading or speaker
S – Speaker – An AA member sharing their Experience, Strength and Hope
T – Topic – A topic from the AA literature or AA experiences
M - Men’s – Designed for Men only
W - Women’s – Designed for Women only
BBStpStudy - Read and discuss the 12 step as per the Big Book
Stp &Trad - Step & Tradition – Read and Discuss a 12 Step or 12 Tradition
Stp - 12 Step – Read and Discussion from the AA 12 Step Book
BB - Big Book – Read and Discussion from AA Big Book
FV – Format Varies - Group decides for the format for that meeting
GV – Grapevine – Read and discuss from the AA Grapevine magazine
Liv-Sober – Reading and Discussing from the Living Sober Book

CTB – Reading and Discussing from the Came to Believe Book
YP - Young People’s (Young at Heart) no age limitations
GBLT - Gay, Bi-Sexual, Lesbian, & Transgender
HA - Meetings Accessible/Handicapped Persons
*HA - Meetings Accessible/Handicapped Persons - AA Groups per
Accessibilities Committee Survey and Guidelines

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10:00 am Mothertown, Congregational Church
                Parish House, 42 Park Street              OPEN

7:30 pm  Adams 12&12 Step
              Congregational Church (Parish House), 42 Park Street   CStp


12 noon Alanooner, Alano Club, 36 King Street   OStp

7:30 pm Not So Young People's Group, 
             (OBeg 6:15pm) Alano Club, 36 King Street           OSD


7:00 am Up & Atom, Community Room of Anne 
              Whalen Apts. 33 Kellogg Ave.           *HA-OD

10:00 am Daily Reprieve, Newman Center (UMASS)   

                472 North Pleasant Street (OBEG)         OMedD

11:15 am After the 11th Hour Group, Immanuel  
                Lutheran Church, 867 N. Pleasant Street      OTD

8:00 pm Valley Discussion Group, 1st Congregational Church
              165 Main Street                   *H/A-CD


7:30 pm Belchertown Big Book, 18 Park Street
             Parish House, (Last Weds Tradition)   H/A-OBB


7:30 pm Buckland Wednesday Night Step Group 
              Mary Lyon Church, 17 Upper St.           CStpD


7:00 am Morning Light, The Church of Christ
              284 Montgomery Street                               OD

12 noon No Nonsense Nooner, The Grace Episcopal Church
              156 Springfield Street     *H/A-OS/TD

7:30 pm Chicopee Beginner Step Group, The Grace 
               Episcopal Church,156 Springfield St (Stps1,2,3) OStpD


12 noon What A Way to Live, 1st Church of Nazarene, 
              165 North Street                              *H/A-CStp


7:00 pm Honor Court, East Brookfield Baptist Church
               262 East Main Street, Route 9                  Open


7:00 am Quietly Among Us, St. Mark's Episcopal Church
              1 Porter Road                             CDRefl

7:00 pm Do ore Die, St. Paul's Lutheran Church
              181 Elm Street                                              OS

8:30 pm Here and Now Group, St. Mark`s Episcopal Church
              1 Porter Street & Mapleshade         OS

10:00 am New Life Group, St. Patrick's Church
                73 Pearl Street & High Street                           OSD

12 noon East of the River Group, Holy Trinity Church
              383 Hazard Ave. Route 190   H/A-OD

FLORENCE: (Subsection of Northampton)

 7:00 am "I" Opener Group, Florence Community Center
              140 Pine Street - Room 7                      CD

7:00 pm Florence Step Group, Florence Community Center
              140  Pine St. - Room 7 (Last Weds Disc Mtng) CStp


12 noon Keep it Simple, 1st Congregational Church,    
              251 Main Street                                            OD

7:45 pm Spanish Speaking Group, VIM Berkshire 
              777 Main Street - Rt 7                                        OD


12 noon Here Because We`re Not All There Group 
              Grapevine, 93 Chapman Street                         CD

6:00 pm Men's Big Book, Recover Project
              68 Federal Street                                        BBD

7:00 am Attitude Adjustment, Grapevine 
              93 Chapman Street                                 Closed

6:00 pm Sorority of Serenity Group,  All Soul's Universalist Unitarian Church 
              399 Main Street (Use side door on Hope Street)  OWD

7:30 pm Original Greenfield Group, All Soul`s 
              Unitarian Church, 399 Main Street                   OS


6:00 pm You Name It, You Chair It Group, Hadley  
              Senior Center, 46 Middle St.- Route 47 & Rt 9 OS

6:30 pm Hadley Women’s Group, First Congregational Church  
              102 Middle St. Route 9 & 47       OFV


7:30 am Daily Reflections, 2nd Congregational Church
              395 High Street (use Appleton St. )        *H/A-OD

12 noon Holyoke Noontime Group, Grace United Church 
              474 Pleasant Street                             OT

6:00 pm A New Freedom Group, Grace United Church 
              474 Pleasant Street                           OS


7:30 pm Hilltowns Group, Evangelist Chapel 
              22 Russell Road - Rt.20                             OSD


7:30 pm Berkshire Big Book, North American Martyrs Church
              Old State Road                             OBB


6:45 am I Don't Have a Clue, Community Center at          
             Berkshire Visual Performing Arts, 20 Franklin Street    OD

8:00 am Happy Joyous & Free, First Congregational 
              Church, 25 Park Place                                  OD

7:30 pm Kitchen Table 12 Step Group, Old Court House
              Park Place                                   OStpD


12 noon Up on the Hill Group, Leeds V.A Hospital 
              421 N Main St, Building 26        OFV

8:00pm Old Timers Group, First Church of Christ
             763 Longmeadow Street                          Closed


7:30 pm No Name Group, First Church of Christ
              859 Center Street (Route 21)                        OS


7:00 pm Twelve & Twelve, St. Elizabeth of the Hungary 
              70 Marshall St. (rear entrance)  CStp


12 noon Downtown Lunch Group, Unitarian Church 
              220 Main St (rear entrance)                       CSD

7:30 pm Keep it Simple, Walter Salvo House, 81 Conz Street
              Dining Hall - Right Rear of Building  *H/A-OTD


7:00 pm Glad We're Here, Trinitarian Church, Main St    CSD


7:00 pm Palmer Group, Devine Mercy Church 
              (Basement) 276 Main Street, Three Rivers       OTD


7:00 am Sober at Sunrise, George B Crane
              81 Linden Street                                *H/A-OD

12 noon Ivory Keys Serenity Group, St. Stephen's Church  
              67 East Street and Allen Street     OSD

12 noon Better Life Today, George B. Crane Memorial Center
              81 Linden Street                                  HA/OD

6:00 pm The Berkshire Group, George B Crane
               81 Linden Street                                        OSD

8:00 pm Simple Step Group, St. Mark's Church
              Father Leonard Hall, 400 West Street       CStp


7:30 pm Sheffield 12 & 12 Group, Parish Hall, Our Lady  
              of the Valley Church, 90 Maple Ave      CStpD


12 Noon Southwick Noontime Group
               Christ Methodist Church, 222 Rt 10 & 202   O

7:30 pm Think Group, Our Lady of the Lake Church 
              224 Sheep Pasture Road                            OSD


7:00 am  All In Group, All Power Ministries
               333 East Columbus Ave OD (As Bill Sees It)

7:00 am  Closed Big Book Step Meeting, Notre Dame Sisters House
                35 Everett Street                         CBBStpStudy

12 noon Noontime Group, Serenity Club, 391 Belmont Ave  OD

12 noon Starting Over, Church of the Acres
              1373 Wilbraham Road                                 OD

6:00 pm New Freedom Seekers Women's Group
              Trinity Church, 361 Sumner Ave.          OWSD

7:00 pm Serenity Now, Serenity Club, 
              391 Belmont Ave.                            LivSoberD 

7:30 pm Mixed Nuts Group, (OBeg 7:30pm), 
              Sacred Heart Parish Hall, 395 Chestnut St 
              (behind Sacred Heart Church)                        H/A-OS


7:00 pm Lighthouse 12 & 12, Federated Church
              8 Maple Street - Rt. 131                               OD

THREE RIVERS: (Subsection of Palmer)

7:00 am Sunrise, Palmer Historical & Cultural Center, 
              2072 Main Street                           *H/A-DRefl

12 noon Keep it Simple, Palmer Historical & Cultural Center
              2072 Main Street                                *H/A-BB

7:00 pm - Palmer Group, Devine Mercy Church 
                Basement, 276 Main St, Three Rivers     OTD


8:00 pm The Happy Hour Group, Our Lady of Peace Church 
              80 Seventh St.                              OSD


12 noon The Came To Group, Westfield Food Pantry  
              101 Meadow Street                                         O

12 noon Whip City Noontime Group
              St. John's Lutheran Church, 60 Broad Street     OFV

7:30 pm Men's Topic Discussion, Genesis Retreat House
              53 Mill Street (Men's Meeting)    CMD

7:30 pm Steps to Live Group, Central Baptist Church  
              115 Elm and Chapel Street                     CStpD


12:00 pm You Gotta Wanna, St. Frances Xavier Church
                475 Main Street                               O


7:30 pm West Stockbridge Group, 1st Congregational  
              Church, 45 Main Street                               OD

6:30 pm Wednesday Women's New Beginnings
              Grace Union Church, 4 Chapel St and Maple St   CWD


10:00 am Eye Opener Group, Saint John's Church
                35 Park Street                            H/A-OBB