9:00 am Mothertown

Congregation Church
Parish House, 42 Park Street      O                                        


10:00 am Steps to Serenity

Women's Group
Alano Club, 36 King Street    CWStp

10:30 am Only Today Group,

United Methodist Church
459 Mill Street, (across from High School)    OD

5:00 pm The Big Kid`s Group

Alano Club 36 King Street     O


7:00 am Up & Atom,

Community Room of Ann Whalen Apts.
33 Kellogg Avenue       H/A-O

11:00 am Amherst Big Book Step Study Group
Immanuel Lutheran Church

867 North Pleasant Street    OBBStp

5:00 pm Saturday 11th Step Group

Grace Episcopal Church, 14 Boltwood Avenue

(Seasonal, November - April)       OMed

8:00 pm Saturday Night Discussion Group
1st Congregational Church

165 Main Street    H/A-CD


7:00 pm Becket Grapevine

Becket Congregational Church
Parish House, 22 YMCA Road   OGV


8:00 pm Belchertown Saturday Night

Congregational Church Parish House

18 Park St. (Off town common)

(OBEG 7:00 pm)     OSD


6:30 pm Back to Basics

(As Bill Sees It Meeting) Town Hall

38 Church Street  OD


7:00 pm "As Bill Sees It"
United Federated Church

175 Main Street, Route 2     OD


7:00 am Morning Light

The Church of Christ

284 Montgomery Street    OD

7:00 pm Miracles in the Making
Our Fathers House

938 Chicopee Street  OS

7:00 pm Burning Desire Group

Easthampton Community Center

12 Clark Street    OD


7:00 pm A Way Out Group,

St. Mark's Episcopal Church
1 Porter St & Mapleshade   H/A-OSD


10:00 am  Hand of Hope Group 

United Methodist Church

41 Brainard Street   OD

7:00 pm Hazardville 190 Group
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

383 Hazard Ave.    OBeg

7:00 pm Enfield Group

Holy Family Church, 23 Simon Rd.

(OBEG 6:00 pm)  H/A-OS-7pm
(I-91, exit 46, left off of exit, 1st left on

Weymouth Road follow straight 3 miles

then left on Simon)

FLORENCE:  (Subsection of Northampton)

12:00 pm Women's Health

Florence Community Center 
Room 8, 140 Pine Street       WCD

4:00 pm I Can't, We Can Group

Florence Community Center
Room 8, 140 Pine Street     OSD


12 noon Keep it Simple

1st Congregational Church
251 Main Street        OS

7:30 pm All Welcome

Fairview Hospital 1st FL Conf Rm 1, 

29 Lewis Street  HA/OD


7:00 am Attitude Adjustment Group
Grapevine, 93 Chapman Street   C

10:00 am There is a Solution, Big Book Study
Grapevine, 93 Chapman Street  OBBS

12 noon Sober Saturday

Franklin Medical Center
164 High Street Entrance   H/A-OSD

6:00 pm Saturday Night Reflections
Recover Project, 68 Federal Street     CD


12 noon Hatfield Noontime Group

1st Congregational Church

40 Main Street     C


7:30 am Daily Reflections

United Congregational Church   
300 Appleton Street    H/A-OD

10:00 am Holyoke Noontime Group
Grace United Church, 474 Pleasant Street      OS


7:00 pm Candlelight

St. Luke`s Episcopal Church
20 South Main Street - Route 7    CD


6:45 am I Don`t Have a Clue Group
Community Center at the Berkshire

Visual Performing Arts
20 Franklin St.      OD

8:00 am SOS (Sober On Saturday)
1st Congregational Church, 25 Park Place    OD


5:00 pm Saturday 11th Step Group

New England Peace Pagoda - Outdoor Meditation

100 Cave Hill Road (Seasonal May - October)


7:00 am Sober in the Hills, 1st Church
Rt. 32, 3 High Street      BB


7:00 pm Saturday Nite

St. Elizabeth of the Hungary
70 Marshall Street (rear entrance)  CD

8:15 pm After 8 Meeting
All Saints Episcopal Church
59 Summer Street (next to Post Office)  OSD


5:30 pm "To Thine Own Self Be True (Trans & Allies)"

St John's Church, 48 Elm St. O/LivSob/GLBT

7:00 pm Center Street Beginners
First Church UCC , 129 Main St,
(use Center St. entrance)   OBEG

8:30 pm Northampton Group
First Church UCC, 129 Main St.
(use Center St. entrance)    O


7:00 am Sober at Sunrise
George B Crane Memorial Center
81 Linden Street    H/A-OD

10:15 am Seize the Day
South Congregational Church  
110 South Street        HA-OSD

12 noon Better Life Today (GLBT)
George B. Crane Memorial Center
81 Linden Street       H/A-OD/GLBT

7:30 pm Central Berkshire
George B Crane Memorial Center
81 Linden Street    OS


7:00 pm Saturday Night Live Group
Holy Name of Jesus Church

15 Thayer Street  OS


7:00 am Stray Cats, Sacred Heart School
395 Chestnut St. (basement)   CStp 

7:30 am Learn to Listen
Serenity Club, The Monkey Wrench Building
143 Main St. 2nd Floor    H/A-ODRefl

8:00 am When You Think You`re Done Start With One
Christ Presbyterian Church, 1597 Allen St.    H/A-CStpD

10:45 am Hang In There Group
Serenity Club, The Monkey Wrench Building
143 Main St. 2nd Floor    H/A-O

4:30 pm Early Bird, Serenity Club

The Monkey Wrench Building
143 Main St. 2nd Floor         H/A-OD

7:30 pm Better Life Group

Sacred Heart Parish Hall
395 Chestnut Street, (behind Church) OSD

Open Beginners 7:30 pm      OTD

7:00 pm Park Allen Group
Holy Cross Rectory (basement)
221Plumtree Road        Living Sober

10.00 pm 10 O'clock Madness, Serenity Club
The Monkey Wrench Building
143 Main St. 2nd Floor        FV


4:30 pm Happy Hour Group
50 Main Street, New Town Hall      OStpD

THORNDIKE: (Subsection of Palmer)

5:30 pm Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes, (Men’s),
New Birth Christian Church, 4025 Church Street       CMStpD

THREE RIVERS : (Subsection of Palmer)

7:00 am Sunrise

Palmer Historical & Cultural Center
2072 Main Street     H/A-DRefl


10:00 am The New Beginnings Group
Saint Paul's Church, 1080 Main Street      OD


6:00 pm  Wendell AA Group
Wendell Library, 7 Wendell Depot Road    OTD


9:00 am 24 Hour Group,

Mental Health Building

20 Broad St.   CD

12:00 noon  Whip City Nooner

St. Johns Lutheran Church

60 Broad Street   OFV

7:00 pm Sober AF

Western Mass Hospital

91 East Mountain Road    OFV

Codes for Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings
After reading the codes scroll down to view meetings by cities and towns
C - Closed, For Alcoholics Only – Only those whom identify as Alcoholics
O - Open (Public Welcome) – Welcome for all to attend
BEG – Beginners – Designed for newcomers to ask questions about AA
D – Discussion – The discussion portion following a reading or speaker
S – Speaker – An AA member sharing their Experience, Strength and Hope
T – Topic – A topic from the AA literature or AA experiences
M - Men’s – Designed for Men only
W - Women’s – Designed for Women only
BBStpStudy - Read and discuss the 12 step as per the Big Book
Stp &Trad - Step & Tradition – Read and Discuss a 12 Step or 12 Tradition
Stp - 12 Step – Read and Discussion from the AA 12 Step Book
BB - Big Book – Read and Discussion from AA Big Book
FV – Format Varies - Group decides for the format for that meeting
DRefl - Daily Reflections Reading
GV – Grapevine – Read and discuss from the AA Grapevine magazine
Liv-Sober – Reading and Discussing from the Living Sober Book
CTB – Reading and Discussing from the Came to Believe Book
YP - Young People’s (Young at Heart) no age limitations
GBLT - Gay, Bi-Sexual, Lesbian, & Transgender
HA - Meetings Accessible/Handicapped Persons
*HA - Meetings Accessible/Handicapped Persons
AA Groups per  Accessibilities Committee Survey and Guidelines


AA Meetings Saturday

 Western Mass Intergroup Office